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The Voice-first Audio Branding Approach

We open our doors and give a workshop about voice-first audio branding. Participants will learn about our workflow, and We’ll be sharing effective voice-first audio branding strategies and valuable design tactics.

In 3 hours, participants learn about the principles of voice branding, as well as how acoustic analysis and voice perception influences the way your Brand is being perceived. We’ll also learn about VUI & UX sound design. We’ll provide insights on the fact that: The right sound at the right moment can drastically enhance the user experience. Participants will learn how to be creative with audio and how to exploit the power of audio.

The workshop is based on a strategic program offered at many companies and co-operations including Pepsico & KRO NCRV (Dutch Public Broadcaster), taught by Phoebe Ohayon. The workshop will include lots of audio materials and examples to understand and hear the effectiveness and impact.

This workshop is perfect for teams, UX designers, marketers, brand specialists and product owners who want to learn more about voice-first audio branding. Exploit the power of audio to create premium brand voice experiences and learn how to manage your Brand’s identity through sound.

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