VUX & VUI Audio Design


Together with the KRO NCRV Innovation team, our challenge was to capture TV a show into a voice-first experience for the Google Assistant. The Audio Identity and Branding of the show were crucial to the dialogue design, and VUI & VUX sound design. Want to know more about Voice-first Audio Design and Branding? Contact us for more insights and information.

Voice Branding

Doritos Truth or Dare

In collaboration with Pepsico and Scrambled.voice, we created the Doritos Truth or Dare game for the Google Assistant. The challenge was to develop an auditory tone-of-voice that resonated the brand values, culture, demographics and enhanced the context of the game. For more information about the process or voice branding design, please contact us.

Voice Branding Workshop

Manage your Brands conversational audio identity and exploit the power of audio. Get familiar with the voice-first design and audio branding principles. We give workshops to branding, marketing, and UX teams or organize separate workshop meetups. Request a quote or sign-up for one of the workshop meetups. Everyone can join!‚Äč