‘​’Trademark’​’​ your brand’s speech patterns.

While writing this piece, trademarking intonation speech patterns is something that hasn’t been done. However, if you think about it, it’s not that different from trademarking a sound logo. With voice technology, it becomes curial to expand and create brand associations through speech, voice, and sound. The recognizable voice-over of a brand that’s been used […]

How earcons can help to cover the voice assistant’s turn-taking imperfections.

When to speak? Use Earcons to cover the voice assistant’s turn-taking imperfections. You often hear: “User’s don’t have to learn anything new, they are already fluent speakers,” when promoting Voice as the new interface and medium. That is true. However, we still need to adapt to voice technology and its conversational turn-taking capabilities. When in […]

Voice-first (Audio) Design

We are coming from a text and visual driven era, where designers are more used to visual tools and software to be creative in. But when it comes to translating this creativity to audio, this is an expertise, not a switch you can turn on or off. Whit voice experiences where audio is the main […]