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Phoebe Ohayon

Phoebe is a voice specialist with a background in audio engineering and branding. With her expertise, she helps brands prepare for a sound and voice-activated future.


Maikel van der Wouden

Maikel’s passion is the power of audio. He is an audible brand strategist with an audio engineering background. He worked with a lot of interesting companies and corporations including; Pepsico, ABN AMRO, KRO NCRV.

Senior Developer

Ruud op den Kelder

Ruud is an experienced senior developer with a background in interactive media and immersive voice experiences.

Communication Strategist

Maurice Anemaat

Maurice is one of our immersive speaking experts. Having worked for Airbnb, CODAM (Coding College Amsterdam), FD Media Group and IBM as a communication strategist and content specialist, his storytelling skill he creates truly immersive experiences.

conversational specialist

Alouschka van Dijk

Alouschka helps brands and companies to design, create and market customer-oriented conversational experiences.

Immersive Speaking Expert

Vries Stookman

With his background Marketing & Communication, Vries an Immersive Speaking Expert giving consult to brands, executives and teams in communicating their values, purpose, and aspirations for traditional, digital and conversational media.

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