Voice Branding

Branding as we speak

We help companies and cooperations to design voices and the act of speaking itself that represents the brand. We create voice branding guidelines that include an audible tone of voice, sonic voice design (The sound of your brand's voice), and UX/UI sound design to make sure that your brand values and personality find their way to every conversational touch point.

Voice-first Audio Branding

Voice Branding Guidelines

We help to design the sound of their brand voice(s) and develop voice branding guidelines to define the brand’s audible tone-of-voice and to create unique  (AI) voices that enhance recall, build trust and create preference.

VUX & VUI Sound Branding

Sound enhances how information is represented and perceived. It provides an opportunity to communicate and connect with the user. We research elements such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and instrumentation to define how to translate the brand values, personality, create interactions, express emotions to enhance the user experience.

Custom Voice

With vocal acoustics, perceptual, and sentiment analysis, we’ve defined the sound of your Brand’s voice and its audible tone of voice. It’s time to script and record the input training materials needed for creating a high-quality custom TTS voice and ensure the AI training materials can express the essence, values, and personality of the Brand.

How can we help?

Voice Branding

Define your Brand's Voice, and it's auditory tone-of-voice. How do you talk?

Auditory Testing

We design tests to learn about intended elicit consumer perceptions of your audio identity.

VUX & VUI Sound Design

The user's expectations and needs in the situational context are essential to define the right sound.

Sonic Voice Design

A Custom TTS, Voice prompts, or SSML are three ways to optimize your the voice of your VUI.


Learn how your customers perceive the brand's current voice and audio branding.


We participate in sprints and often work as Audio Branding and Design consultants throughout the project.

Voice Branding Workshop

Manage your Brands conversational audio identity and exploit the power of audio. Get familiar with the voice-first design and audio branding principles. We give workshops to branding, marketing, and UX teams or organize separate workshop meetups. Request a quote or sign-up for one of the workshop meetups. Everyone can join!


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