Voice Branding

Branding as we speak

We help you to design a Voice Brand. Exploit the power of sound and the act of speaking itself to build a stronger Brand.

How can we help?

Voice Branding

Creating a Voice Brand. What does your brand sound like?

User Testing

Gather feedback and convert it into knowledge to optimize your Brand experience.

The Power of Sound

The user's expectations and needs in the situational context are essential to define the right sound.


Learn how your customers perceive your current Brand assets.

Sonic Voice Design

Custom voice, Text To Speech, voice prompts and SSML services for Smart assistants. AI, IVR and more.


We participate in sprints and often work as Audio Branding and Design consultants throughout the project.

Voice Branding Workshop

Learn voice- and audio branding design principles. We give workshops to branding, marketing, and UX teams and organize meetups. Request a quote or sign-up for our next event. Everyone can join!

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