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Conversational Audio Identity

Most brands have extensive guidelines for their visual brand identity but when it comes to sound… They have no idea. Others are rethinking their audio strategy because of the rise of voice. We can help you define the sound of your brand and manage your audio identity to raise brand awareness and build trust. Establish deeper emotional connections with your customers and appeal to a human sense that is directly tight to association.

Prototype & Testing

You are at this point where you want to test your concept and prototype. But developing the whole experience for real at this point can be quite risky and expensive. We can help you test your experience with up to 3000 prompts without one line of code. This is also how we gather data that can define how to appeal to the human ability to associate sound with your brand and specific functional purposes.

Voice Implementation

Tired of the standard Google Assistant / Alexa voice? Use an authentic voice that can represent your brand and influences the way people perceive your brand. But don’t just pick any voice. It’s important to manage your conversational audio identity because within less than a second your customers will make judgments about the ”person or brand” that speaks to them. Based primarily on the perception of a voice.

Audio Branding Workshops

Is this is one of your first introductions to audio branding? Our workshops are a great way to learn more about managing your audio identity. Together we will start to define what your brand sounds like and we’ll discover how to design its voice standards. Learn more about perception, audible association and the psychological, cognitive and behavioral effects audio has on consumers. It's a great way to discover the power of audio.

VUI Optimization

Sound is very important in premium conversational experiences. Not only from a branding perspective but also from a functional to optimize the user experience. We can help you with VUI (Voice User Interface) sound design that evokes specific emotions and fulfills predetermined functional purposes. The right sound at the right moment can drastically enhance your user experience.

Immersive Speaking

To the people that want to take the first steps in presenting for large groups and the people that regularly speak in public for full venues: Ever thought about your own personal voice brand? Within less than a second people judge about you character and whether or not they are going to listen to you and pay attention. Based on frequency, intonation, rate, quality, intensity and more, we can help you influence how customers perceive you as a person and listen to your story.

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Audio Identity Management

We help you create and maintain an audio strategy that positively affects the way people perceive your brand.

Audio Consultancy

Apply knowledge and experience to your situation. orientation, consultation, and aftercare as one service.

Production Fulfillment

The action of producing all sound materials needed to amplify your premium voice experiences.

Performance Testing

We design valid tests with up to 3000 prompts without one line of code. We compare results with predetermined objectives and expectations.

Perceptual Research

To learn how to evoke the right emotions we research your customers. and your brand’s predetermined objectives and expectations.

Sentiment Auditive Analysis

We do this to gather data which learns us about what your target audience interprets as..... And how do they communicate to come across ...

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There is no reason a brand shouldn’t take advantage of a human sense that is directly tight to association. Whether you are managing it or not; your brand's audio identity has an essential influence on your customer at every touchpoint. It can change retail behavior, brand engagement, staff wellbeing and productivity, marketing communications effectiveness and customer satisfaction and more. You can’t ignore the impact of sound. Start managing your audio identity today.



maikel van der wouden

Maikel van der Wouden

Maikel’s passion is the power of audio. He is an audible brand strategist with an audio engineering background. He worked with a lot of interesting companies and corporations including; Pepsico, ABN AMRO, KRO NCRV.

phoebe ohayon

Phoebe Ohayon

Phoebe is a voice specialist with a background in audio engineering and branding. With her expertise, she helps brands prepare for a sound and voice-activated future.